LIVE with RealSatisfied – Delivering on Your Brand Promise

There is nothing like a face to face conversation to fully and quickly understand an individual or a companies goals and culture. RealSatisfied does not frequently exhibit at industry events, but inman connect is a special place for up and coming companies in Real Estate technology.

Inman Connect will allow COO’s, CEO’s and Owners of Brokerages and Brands to chat with RealSatisfied one on one and in person. We are excited to have Jeff Turner on stage, to have a booth in the expo and to have a cool meeting space for in depth conversation.

Thursday’s Inman panel, The Experience Counts: Delivering on Your Brand Promise, asks a question that is near and dear to our hearts here at RealSatisfied. The question is this, “What expectations do you set with your customers, and how do you ensure that you meet or exceed those expectations?”

listen and measure your feedback

Things that don’t get measured, don’t get managed,” Turner says. “A broker can set all of the expectations they want for how their brand should be presented in the marketplace, but if they aren’t consistently monitoring and measuring the real world impact of each agent’s interactions with their customer, they have no way of insuring that brand vision is actually the one the consumer experiences.”

Our Inman booth is in the sought after  and intimate Start Up Alley. Our popular “Clearly view your reputation” microfiber ipad screen cloths will be available along with an opportunity to win RealSatisfied for a Year for your office.

In addition to our on stage and in expo time – we have additional meeting space for more in depth conversations. If you would like to schedule some time to chat with our founders, David King & Phil Kells or with Director Jeff Turner or CMO Chris Drayer please click the gray “Request a Call” box at the top of and suggest a few time options.

RealSatisfied can help you grow your bottom line, measure your reputation and listen to customers.

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