Going Green: Real Estate’s Paperless Movement

Emerging trends in RealEstate that deserve our attention are often not very related. However today, there is a strong correlation between harvesting data and going green.

Green paperless environment for Real Estate

Things are looking up for the environment.

Green is in.  Todays consumers desire green products and services. 20% will pay more for recycled products and opt to work with companies that are careful with resources and care about the earth. Green is a growing market segment. “25% of consumers will buy a green product,” says Kathy Crosett, “if it makes them feel like they are contributing to saving the environment.”  Realtors can appeal to those with an eco sense by selecting green products to work with. Consumers are voting for environmental sustainability – thus paperless is in.
NAR recognizes this trend and wants to help brokers understand and differentiate those products that help target the green movement.  Of  the hundreds of exhibitors at this weeks National Association of Realtors Convention, NAR granted 14 exhibitors the Green Designation.  These companies do more to care for and help the environment. This list includes our friends at DotLoop who have done a fantastic job providing an easy to use system for real estate that reduces the need for paper.

We are very proud to announce that RealSatisfied’s paperless survey and reporting system has also been awarded the Green Designation.  And we are proud to be a part of a growing movement to empower brokers with tools and information that help them improve their businesses.


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