Audit and Verification

Show me a customer feedback system and I’ll show you a system people try to ‘game’

RealSatisfied surveys deliver a number of important outcomes for agents, business owners and brands – one of these is testimonials for agents. RealSatisfied not only collects testimonials on the agents behalf – it also enables the public display, publishing and syndication of these testimonials – see our recent announcement regarding

It’s ultimately important to us, our customers and consumers that RealSatisfied Testimonials come from real customers involved in real transactions – verified testimonials and ratings that can be trusted.

Over the past few months we have been analyzing the survey data and associated meta data that we collect with survey responses to look at patterns and establish baselines for understanding the quality and authenticity of survey responses we receive. All up its a slightly fancy way of saying we have been developing an audit process to minimize gaming of the system.

As part of a recent release we enabled “Audit and Verification”. Every time we receive a survey response in the system, we run the data via our audit process – some responses may trigger a flag in that process which may indicate that the response is not authentic. When this occurs the survey response is ‘Quarantined’.

For Quarantined responses none of the usual Notifications are sent out. Instead the creator of the invitation and the target agent are notified that the response has been quarantined.

At this point two options are available.

The response can be permanently deleted (Invitation Creation privileges are required to delete). Often quarantined responses are flagged because they are created as ‘tests’ (we recommend using our Test Drive feature from our homepage to send test surveys).

On occasion genuine responses may be flagged by the process – it is important to keep in mind that the inspection process is subject to regular change and refinement – in these cases you may Request a Review of your response.

When a review is requested, this is sent to our helpdesk and one of our team will be in touch with you within about 48 hrs (usually much sooner) to assess the review – they may request some information from you as part of that process.

From the invitations screens you can filter by both Quarantined and Under Review to see the responses that have this status. Quarantined/Under Review responses are not included in any of our benchmarks, reporting, ratings, feeds or syndications.

Where a testimonial is included in a Quarantined/Under Review response it cannot be approved, published or syndicated.

The release of our “Audit and Verification” process is an important step in ensuring data quality and verification for the benefit of all. Our efforts to develop and refine this process are ongoing and may in the future include specific measures relating to individual geographic markets as appropriate to further ensure authenticity of data.

As always your feedback is very welcome – please leave us a comment here or get in touch with us…

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