Say Thank You With A Coffee


UPDATE: Now in Full Color! – Visual Testimonials are now available in 7 different colors… read more


In early March, we sent a survey to our real estate clients inviting them to provide feedback on our performance and to ask their opinion about several potential new service offerings. As a result of their feedback, we quickly built and launched new services that were completely within our control, like visual testimonials.

One of the things we learned in the survey is that more than 40% of the survey respondents did not thank their clients for filling out a customer satisfaction survey. Given the level of detail we collect, we found that a bit high. As a followup question, we asked our clients if providing an option to send a gift card as a thank you would be a good idea.

55% of respondents liked the idea of a gift card as thank you for a survey response.

We believe this number may have actually been higher. In looking at the comments, a large percentage of those who did not like this option answered the question on the assumption that the gift was an incentive offered as part of the survey invitation. They answered the question in a way that indicated that they thought we might be attempting to entice a response. This was not the case. We were asking about making it easier and more meaningful to say, “thank you” after a response was already received.  So we took this as a clear indication that we should build a system to make it easier for our clients to say, “Thank you.”

Coffee is Served!

Say thanks with a coffee!

Sample email to a customer to say thanks with a coffee

Working with our partner, Tango Card, we have now secured permission from Starbucks® to offer a new program – Say Thank You With A Coffee. Beginning today, when you receive a survey response, or a survey response and a testimonial from your customers, you’ll have the option to send your customers a Starbucks® gift card as a thank you for taking the time to provide you feedback. Instructions for how this works will be included in every survey response you receive.

In addition, agents who wish to go back and thank clients who may have recently provided feedback may do so by going through the testimonial approval process again in their agent dashboard. To do this, simply select the response you wish to send a thank you for, click on review and follow the steps to send your gift card (the option to say thank with a coffee appears at the of the process). The gift card will be sent via email from you via RealSatisfied. We will provide a suggested message, but you will have the ability to customize that message in any way you see fit.

We are excited to bring this options to our clients and look forward to seeing the response!

Note: Say thanks with a coffee is initially available in the United States and Canada and all billing currently is USD only. We are exploring options for other markets, please stay tuned!

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