You’ve Lost Your Trulia Reviews, Now What? 3 Things You Need To Do Now

Trulia Reviews- Now What (1)1

Ok, it’s almost the weekend, but I have a small project for you. As you may have heard, (as part of their acquisition transition recently) the Zillow Group merged Trulia profiles to Zillow profiles. In the process, many agents lost some (or many) of their Trulia reviews. (We recently wrote about this here.) All is not lost, and this may be a silver lining opportunity. 

Use This As An Opportunity to Reach Out to Past Clients

First and foremost, remember that it’s not the number of reviews you have, but the quality of those reviews. If there were high quality reviews that you lost from clients that you may still have in your database, use this as an opportunity to reach out again. If you feel really comfortable with them, thank them once again for their review, and ask them if they wouldn’t mind sharing another? We have found that most often, past clients who know you’ll be sending them another request, and who love your service, will go the extra mile for you. You may even be surprised where the conversation goes, and it could lead to new business.

Tip: RealSatisfied makes it easy to go back and ask past clients for their feedback and collect a testimonial that you can use and share in many places. Since we are a third party provider asking on your behalf, they are often most willing to give you new feedback.  

Create a Review Management System for Your Business                                                                                         

Reviews and testimonials – in any form that you collect is your content. You need to own it. That is nothing new on the web. If you have directed your clients to do a review on Yelp or Zillow for example, you can still make a copy to have. Secondly, any reviews or testimonials that you may have stashed on your computer, in an email, or are still coming in off a fresh, successful close – Get them uploaded into one central location. If you don’t have a system for asking for feedback that is simple that you can use at every close — create one.

  • Set up a follow email after close to let your clients know that you will be asking for feedback and you would love their input.
  • Create an email form that allows them to answer a few questions and add in a testimonial, OR create a testimonial video
  • After receiving their testimonial, make sure to thank them! Send them a gift card, take them to coffee – but let them know how much you appreciate them.

Tip: RealSatisfied can automate this process for you, and it’s so easy to do. You can even thank them with our “Say Thank you with a Coffee” Starbucks Gift Card after you have received your survey and testimonial.  

Create a Public Profile Page or Review Page on Your Website

If you are the type that has testimonials scattered and dotted all over the Internet – it’s not a bad thing really, but again it’s a matter of managing that content. So, a couple of quick ideas for you:

  • Create a page on your website just for reviews. 
  • If you don’t have a website, you can use our profile pages that can display all of your reviews in one highly SEO’d spot. (note: you can’t import testimonials from the past, but you can re-collect and collect them through our system for display)

Tip: For your website pages we have a few options for you: our RSS feed from your profile page that you can display, a javascript option, and a WordPress plugin if your site that sits on WP.

In short, your hard work with clients who love you cannot be handled lightly. No matter your opinion of the portals, online reviews are here to stay and will continue to be a huge source of referral and repeat business for you. Whether it’s through RealSatisfied or another system you create and manage – it should be easy, safe, and more importantly owned by you.




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