Boost Your Real Estate Marketing with Your Customer Testimonials and Reviews


Do you have some amazing reviews and testimonials collected from your best clients? Not sure what to do with them AFTER you have received them on any or all of the various sites? We get this question a lot, so we’ve created a resource for you. Keep in mind, that today’s consumer wants transparency, social proof, and trust, so using testimonials on your marketing can replace:

  1. Telling everyone you were the “Rookie of the Year” in 1994
  2. The use of every real estate acronym after your name, that consumers don’t know
  3. How many closed transactions you had last year
  4. QR Codes
  5. Just to name a few…

Use your client’s words instead. 

There are many ways to use your testimonials, making sure you re-purpose that content and use it in different ways to meet your prospects on different marketing channels. Since over half of all customer interactions happen during a multi-event, multi-channel journey, having a variety of ways to share your success — and your client’s success is key.

As a real estate professional building your business — and your reputation — your clients can be the best resource for creating a connection of their customer experience to other prospects. You can no longer just worry about your marketing messages. You have to tune into with what customers say about your brand, and how they define it to their friends, family and social networks. Once you know what they loved about you – you can fit these true and authentic messages into your marketing to reinforce the trust and great relationship you have created with your brand advocates. Now, it’s time to get creative, and get their word out there. So put on your PR cap while we share some examples with you.


1. Listing Presentations

Odds are, your next listing appointment will be full of information sharing. Your prospective new sellers will have done their homework, maybe they have even Googled you if they didn’t get your name from a referral – and maybe even if they did! Helping your prospective sellers see the success stories your past clients have experienced can provide a level of trust in your service, and the service you’ll provide them. Details from these testimonials often strike an emotional tone in a way that a 5 star rating might not. So, be sure to include a slide or two in your presentation that relays the message of your professionalism. If you would like to download our template click here: RealSatisfied Presentation template . It has various slides that you can edit and customize.

Listing presentation
















2. Farming – Just Sold Postcards

Farming with postcards is a GREAT way to share the success of your latest closing in a specific neighborhood or community. Your SOLDS are not just about the property and that you sold it – but that you also provided stellar service to another real satisfied client. Lead in with “What Your Neighbors Say About Me” and let your relationships and hard work speak for themselves throughout the community. You know and I know, word travels fast in real estate! You may need to get your marketing person to design a template for you- but once its done use it again and again. Joe Schutt, of Unit Realty Group in Boston has a great look!

Farming Postcard










Visual Quotes on Social Media

Every RealSatisfied user has the ability to automatically use and share Visual Testimonials from your dashboard to share your testimonials on Facebook and Twitter. It links back to your RealSatisfied profile page – so YOU get all the SEO benefit on that page. Not ONLY do these drive massive engagement from your sphere, but every LIKE and COMMENT amplifies your testimonial to OTHER Facebook feeds, for more, and more people to see. Coral Gundlach of Century21 Redwood Realty

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 12.14.16 PM















In this example below, you can use an online design platform like Canva to create any image you wish, customize it to your heart’s content, and use on any social media channel. And because Canva has so many templates, you can use many different formats, online and off.

Happy Client

On Business Cards

Don’t forget the ever creative business card idea. A simple testimonial quote on one side, with your contact information on the back. Use it to hand out at community events, open houses and anything in between.

On Your Website

If you don’t currently have your real estate testimonials and reviews on your website, what are you waiting for? We make it super simple to get your reviews on your website, because all of your review data is available through an RSS feed, and a WordPress plug-in, AND a widget. Or. simply have your web designer add the RSS feed into a custom page, so it automatically populates and matches your design.

As you can see, there are many ways to use your reviews and testimonials. We think having your reviews drive traffic back to you is important- why drive your prospects to home search portals? Optimize this strategy and see how business can flourish.  If you’d like to start collecting testimonials right away and don’t have a system, you can set up a free account today at RealSatisfied.

Have any other suggestions for our swipe file? Please share!

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