5 Reasons to Establish a Customer Feedback Program In Your Agency

This article recently recently appeared in REIWA news.

Satisfied customers are invaluable to any business. They bring repeat business and they refer your business on to other potential customers. We’d all like to think that our customers are thoroughly impressed with the standard of our service, but it’s not until we ask them that we really get to know what’s going on in their heads. Often customer feedback will reveal details about areas in our business which may otherwise go unnoticed. Specific and measurable feedback gives you the opportunity to identify areas of strength, as well as areas to focus on improving.

Here are 5 great reasons to establish a feedback program in your agency:

1.    Understand your customer experience and market to your strengths. Do you know if your agency is meeting customers’ expectations with the service you provide? Understanding your customer experience enables you to spend time and investment in the areas of service that really count. Customer feedback is a key driver in making better decisions for your business – use it to guide your business. Ask your customers what they think about your agency, your staff and your service. What do you do well? Where could you improve? What sets you apart?

2.    Compare results to build a better business. One of the keys to understanding customer satisfaction is comparison. Numbers on their own often don’t mean much, however when compared in context, real insights and understandings can be revealed. Comparing your own results to previous periods of time for example gives insight into improvement. Comparing your results to others in your agency using a consistent method can highlight strengths and areas for improvement within your team. A professional customer satisfaction program can deliver invaluable insights via comparisons and benchmarking.

3.    Get recommended. Recommendation is a great driver of new business. Give your customers a simple and non-confronting way to recommend you. Request positive testimonials and encourage customers to be advocates for your business. Are you making the most of your satisfied customers? Do you know if your customers would recommend your agency to their family and friends?

4. Manage, mentor and reward your team. Your team is the face of your business. A formal feedback program allows you to take a snapshot of the team’s performance by having a system in place to quantify your success. Use a customer satisfaction leaderboard to recognise and reward high performers and identify areas that require improvement.

5.    Manage unsatisfied customers. Unsatisfied customers should matter to your business, they certainly matter to your bottom line!  Providing customers the opportunity to give feedback in a non-confronting (unthreatening) way as well as the option of being contacted to discuss or resolve their concern can instantly quell any ill feelings. Most customers want to be satisfied and demonstrating how important your customers’ feedback is to your business makes customers feel valued and may even turn previously unsatisfied customers into advocates for your business.

Implementing a feedback process in your business is simpler than you think and a customer satisfaction program that encourages all types of feedback will be a valuable asset to your business and your team.

RealSatisfied is for real estate agents. It makes listening to your customers and getting recommended simple and straight forward. Using RealSatisfied you can establish a professional customer satisfaction program for your agency online in just a few minutes. Operating as a third party, RealSatisfied is collecting feedback on your behalf meaning customers are more likely to give it to you straight.

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