Great 2012 Marketing ROI – Clean Graffiti?

Its an annual winter ritual that started when I was into building things with Construx as a kid – but last month I cleaned out my dresser and closet and found some crazy clothes and things I had intended to use but didnt.

As a child I had to select the toys I had not used much and place them in a bag.  (like kung-fu-grip GIJoe…)  My folks would donate them to the needy for Christmas.  Today we donate to Rose Brooks – a local women’s shelter.

This time of year is powerful – we look out over  2012 with hope and dreams.   But like my old toy box,  now is also the time to remove the unused and clean the marketing slate.

For most, this is not an easy task.  Where do you start?

Did postcards or phone books get great return on investment last year? Did you try clean graffiti or groupon?  There are new tactics popping up all the time – you simply must evaluate what does and does not work in your market with your clients or you may become swamped with waste.  Look at your ROI data and feedback then get rid of the programs & systems and tools that are no longer efficient.

Most realtors have an idea of what works, but don’t have real feedback and ROI data at their finger tips.

This year, may I suggest putting your customers to work for you.  In 2012 let your customers tell you what caused them to call you.

Its easy – use RealSatisfied to track your marketing effectiveness now so next year the process is flawless.

Even better – start now and ping your last 6 months of home buyers and sellers for free.

Sending your former clients an invitation to take a survey from Real Satisfied is a great excuse for a connection and they will tell you directly what worked. You wont have to guess anymore.

Check out RealSatisfied and send surveys to your previous 6 months of  buyers or sellers for free.  With RealSatisfied, You will immediately see the effectiveness of your real estate marketing.

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