Brand Aid for your Boo-Boo

You have two brands.

Most Real Estate folks, from 1000 person multi-state brands to brokers for a 50 person office, or a single agent building a business, have two brands.  Those two brands contradict and fight each other.  Collectively, they waste tens of millions of dollars in marketing each year.

You are promoting your brand in everything you do.  Your website, your conversations, facebook status updates and tweets all convey what you believe at your core is your messaging and branding.   From the car you drive to your foursquare checkins, from yardsigns to yellowpage ads. Perhaps you even have a catchy phrase that sums up your brand like “Dedication, Reliability, Trust”.   All of it reflects on your brand and what your brand stands for.  What it stands for is your inner brand.

Your inner brand is the message and image you portray and promote.  Promoting  your brand or printing your mission statement does not make it translate to your customers and potential customers.  Your actions like tweeting, typing and talking are how you articulate your  brand.   Yet these manifestations only define your brand to you,  internally.

The far more important brand is your outer brand.

Each time you interact with a customer or potential customer they are consciously and subconsciously categorizing and evaluating you.  They are building and creating their perception of you.  Your customers and potential customers perception of your brand is important.  Frequently its the perception of your brand directs the decision to sign.

You ought to be aware of and in control of your outer brand’s perception.  Only then can you align your brands and achieve more.


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