I am your customer

I am your customer

I am someone that you should appreciate and hope to develop a relationship with

I don’t want to be ‘sold’, I want information

I am not an annoyance, I am someone you should be happy to educate on your business and the things you offer

I am not someone for you to match wits with

I am not someone to lie to, deceive, bait-and-switch, or otherwise treat differently than your own mother

I am your customer

I am six to seven times more expensive to acquire than to retain

I have rights – that should not be the thing that keeps you following the law

I expect to get what I pay for

I don’t forget things as easily as I used to

I am your customer

I am a person, not a lead

do not like being dripped

do not like restocking fees

do not like being nickel-and-dimed or being hit with nuisance fees – do better pricing strategy

do not like being gouged – you may get me once but probably not twice (see my above comment about retention vs. acquisition)

I will grow resentful if you do these things to me

I am your customer

You should be listening to me. In fact, you should be ASKING me for my opinion. It’s valuable.

Customer service is an art. It requires more than simply answering the phone

I can’t spend money with you if I don’t trust you

I talk to my friends after I talk to you – they trust me

I have a voice – and I’m not afraid to use it 

I am your customer

You need me more than I need you

I am the lifeblood of your business

I deserve your time and respect

I deserve your honesty

I am your customer

The last time you had a positive experience interacting with a business, I’m betting that the way they approached you was in line with these points. And I’m betting that you are going to think of them first the next time you have a need they can fill – and you may even call them if it’s outside of what they normally do because you want to work with them again.

It doesn’t matter if it’s B2B or B2C, this ideology is universal. People want to be treated honestly and fairly. They want you to over-deliver. They want you to be passionate, knowledgeable, sincere. Theywant to fall in love with you. Every customer is unique but they all have these needs in common.

I did not write this to offend anyone but if it did then perhaps you may want to rethink your business. Reread the above points as a customer. Customers are becoming more savvy, more technical, and less tolerant of businesses that don’t do what these above points convey. You are a customer. What do you do when these points are not met?

By Guest Blogger Patrick Healy, Founder of Phacient Original Post


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