Sending A Survey Invite Couldn’t Be Simpler

We’re often asked, “Is easy to use?” Of course the response is always, “We don’t think we can make it any simpler.” But that’s what everyone marketing a product says, isn’t it?

Judge for yourself. The video above will illustrate just how quick and easy sending a survey invite using RealSatisfied actually is. It’s only 48 seconds long, so even the video is quick.  Here are the steps.

  • Click on the “INVITE” button in any of the the survey invitation categories, they all work exactly the same way and require the same information.
  • Select the agent on whose behalf the survey is being sent. Then, enter a property description, this will typically be the address,. the sellers name, your custom greeting, and their email address.
  • Once you’ve entered the information, simply click preview to see how your survey invitation will look.

If everything is how you expected, click send and you’re finished. It’s that simple.


Your new survey invite is sent immediately and will appear in your RealSatisfied seller survey list, where you’ll be able to easily track it’s progress.

That’s all there is to it!

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