How Dynamic Surveys Encourage More And Better Testimonials

The Geeky Girls are RealSatisfied…. and we love saying that! We have been using RealSatisfied to get feedback from our clients for several months now and we have been very pleased with the results.

Your customers may hear you - but can you hear them?

Using RealSatisfied last month I received this awesome testimonial:

“Laurie Davis was a vital reason our move from Fayetteville to Pinehurst via Ocean Isle Beach was a smooth transition with very little stress. We were confident that she had our best interests always in mind and kept us up to date and fully informed on any and all situations promptly by computer. We are still amazed at her efficiency in expediting all the transactions without our having to run up and down the highway to close a sweetheart deal in purchasing our perfect home. We are so pleased to be here and credit Laurie Davis with our sense of well-being throughout the move. When there was a need for quick action she called immediately with necessary information and always kept us updated, She is a real asset to Keller-Williams.”                             —–Dick and Raye Hensdale

RealSatisfied has given us a way to simply and easily ask our clients if they think we did a great job. The surveys are well thought out and  give clients the opportunity to respond without having to figure out what they need to talk about.

Here’s  the bonus….The surveys are dynamic.  As they complete a survey, RealSatisfied determines if they are upset or satisfied.  They can choose to write a testimonial if satisfied, or ask for additional help if upset.  This Feedback is important to growing our business.

How you ask for feedback is important. Often when you just ask a client directly for a testimonial they are not quite sure what to say, but after completing the survey they have had a reminder of all the things you did for them throughout the transaction. It’s much easier for them to put their experience into words.

We also love the “Lost Listing Presentation” survey. While  none of us like to hear we didn’t do something as well as we could have, it is a great opportunity to learn and improve. Hopefully after a few times you won’t even have the need for this survey!

We’ve found RealSatisfied to be a useful tool in our real estate business and think you will too. Give it try – it’s free for brokers and agents  for 30 days (and who doesn’t love free?).

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