Unicorns Are Real. All your Clients Love You.

The Magical RealSatisfied Unicorn

The magical RealSatisfied unicorn grants irate RealEstate buyers and sellers wishes.

Unicorns are real and all your clients love you. 

Our new advertising campaign titled “Get Real” is going to hit the ground running on the back of the official RealSatisfied magical unicorn.  She’s an animal as real as the the notion that the real estate industry has done a great job monitoring it’s reputation. They are both myths.

The truth… only 1 out of every 26 angry customers tell the offending company why they’re upset- instead, they tell friends. With the advent of social media, they can now tell hundreds of friends at the same time.  Our ads will help focus broker/owners on reality.

As the industry hits new lows in customer care  scores, it’s time to actually listen to clients and learn the truth about what your they think about you, your agents and your brand.

Do yourself a favor, learn more about RealSatisfied as an enterprise or broker level risk management and customer service evaluation tool.  

Best of luck!

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