400 Offers in Two Weeks – Chris Smith & Geeky Girls Webinar

They wrote 400 offers in Two Weeks.

Join Lisa and Laurie next week.

If that sounds impossible, you’re going to want to hear this.

Chief Paper Killer, Chris Smith, will sit down for a chat with the superstar team that did it – Lisa Archer and Laurie Davis Monday, January 7th.

Lisa and Laurie will talk about how to drive volume and growth (and in turn, success) by using the smartest, most innovative and effective systems available. Join us for the session

Learn how TeamLudlow produces BIG results by leveraging systems like:
• MarketLeader to generate leads
• Happy Grasshopper to nurture leads
• Placester to build lead-friendly websites
• RealSatisfied to survey clients
• BoomTown to convert leads
• REALTOR.com to post listings
• dotloop to eliminate paperwork

Tune in from anywhere and let’s kick off 2013 by focusing on the consumer experience.

You’ll hear about the online tools Lisa and Laurie use, why they use the ones they do and the impact that using those tools has made on their business.


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