No customer email address? No Problem!

“I’d love to send out RealSatisfied survey’s but my agents don’t always enter the customer email address into our system.”

This is a comment we have heard from time to time – we decided to do something about it.

Now when you create a RealSatisfied survey invitation (a single invite or through our API) the customer email address is no longer a required field. Invitations that are missing an email address are now first routed to the Agent responsible to provide the customer email address before being sent off to the customer.

Simple right?

An email is sent to the agent with the details of the invitation to be sent. We also created a mobile optimised version of the page requesting the email address to make it simple for your team to do from whatever device you use – on the road, or in the office.

RealSatisfied will send an email to the agent, and a reminder two days later. Invitations that are ‘waiting’ for an address are marked as pending in the invitation view screens.

With our new filtering for those screens (you can filter by all of our invitation statuses) it easy to see which invitations are still waiting for an address from the agent and event to resend the note requesting the address to them.

While we still recommend collecting and storing the email addresses for your customers when you can, we recognise that this is not always possible and that’s where Pending Invitations comes in handy.

Pending Invitations – just another way we working to make RealSatisfied the most simple and straightforward customer satisfaction solution for your business – what not try it today.

As always your feedback is very welcome – please leave us a comment here or get in touch with us…

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