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For a little while now we have been working towards this week. We’ve made some small steps along the way and some larger ones.

A big part of the journey to this place has been about listening to feedback, listening to our customers, gaining an improved understanding of what’s important to them and how they want to work with us.

While we don’t implement every idea or suggestion that comes to us, we do listen hard for the things that keep rising to the surface. One of those things has been single agent accounts – and this week we have delivered on that.

We are excited to announce that we now offer both Agent Lite and Agent Pro accounts*. These accounts are exclusively designed for use by single agents.

Our Agent Lite account is FREEsignup now for nix. It’s a fully featured account that provides single agents with a great opportunity to try RealSatisfied for themselves. While a 30 day trial works quite well for brokers, teams and offices – we have recognised it’s not quite right for single agents.

Agent Lite solves that – You can…

  • send as many invitations as you wish,
  • receive as many responses as you can,
  • have your own agent profile page (just like Ted Blanchard does),
  • and receive up to 3 Testimonials from your customers.

Our Agent Pro account comes with no limitations at all and at just $79 per year is a 35% reduction in price on our previous single agent pricing.

Combining this with our complete refresh of Agent Profile Pages we have delivered a compelling platform for individual agents to manage their reputation, truly listen to their customers and syndicate/publish the real recommendations to places where consumers look for them.

There’s never been a better time to open a RealSatisfied account – join 1000’s of other agents like: Ted BlanchardClaire StoneFlo VachonKristi Soligo FleshmanBill Bhamra and Ray Speichert. Get started with RealSatisfied today – IT’S FREE!

If you like you can read a little more in our press release

* Single agent accounts are currently available in the US and Canada only.

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