Posting RealSatisfied Verified Testimonials to Trulia

The number one question asked in our help desk is, “can I syndicate my testimonials to Zillow and Trulia like I can to” Frankly, no other question comes close.

We would be happy to syndicate the recommendations we gather to Trulia and Zillow, and as well as any other site our clients find valuable to have their testimonials seen by consumers. We have pursued working with every portal, just as we did with was a willing partner from the moment the idea was presented. Ernie Graham and his team were able to do the technical aspects of the integration easily, because we use RSS as the basis for our syndication. There are no barriers to anyone accepting syndication from us. Since we can validate that RealSatisfied recommendations are coming  from real clients of the agents who use our system, there are no issues with data integrity.

Unfortunately, Zillow does not allow syndication from any source, to our knowledge, and despite our attempts to communicate with them about this at various levels of their organization, our attempts have failed. In addition, Zillow does not provide a way to add already received testimonials. Trulia also does not allow anyone to syndicate recommendations to their site, but they have provided a very simple way of adding testimonials you have received from your clients. And while we see Trulia’s “Add” Recommendations options  as being wide open for abuse, we want our clients to know it exists, and to use it knowing that the integrity of what they are providing is not compromised by the process.

The video embedded after these instructions will illustrate exactly how to do this, but the steps are really very simple.

  • First, copy your recommendation from your profile page at RealSatisfied. You will not have to login to do this.
  • Then, login to and click on the “Get Recommendations” link on the left hand side of the page. You will then be taken to a page that allows you to request recommendations from your clients. Do not use that form! Instead, click on the “add” tab and paste your RealSatisfied Verified recommendation into the testimonial field, add your client’s name, email address and choose their relationship and click “Request Verification.”
  • Your client will then be sent an email from Trulia and they will simply need to click on the link in the email to validate that they did indeed provide you with the recommendation. They will NOT be required to login to Trulia or set up a Trulia account.

As you can see, this is a painless way to get your RealSatisfied Verified Testimonials on to Trulia. It’s certainly worth the 90 second investment. As for Zillow, and others…. we’ll keep working on integration. We’re ready when they are.