Communicate In Advance To Improve Survey Response Rates

NOTIFY CLIENTS A SURVEY IS COMINGOn average, just over 50% of people who receive a RealSatisfied customer satisfaction survey complete and return that survey. We’re pretty proud of that number, and we’re also aware that with any average, there are clients who fall below it and clients who sit firmly above it. There are some key characteristics that separate those two camps. One of them is that those who are getting higher than the average response rates all have one thing in common… they do a great job of communicating with their clients to inform them that a RealSatisfied customer satisfaction survey is coming their way.

One of our clients who is getting well above average response rates is Meybohm REALTORS® in Augusta, Georgia. Meybohm’s top three performing offices hover near a 60% survey return rate and over 70% testimonial return rate. Those numbers are simply stellar. Meybohm’s management team has done a superior job of insuring that their agents have the tools necessary to communicate properly with their clients. And the agents with the best results do it consistently.

When I met with Bill Boatman, Meybohm President,  and his team in Atlanta recently, they shared a printed flyer they produced that was included in listing and closing presentations. It was titled, “We are serious about our reputation! We hope you are RealSatisfied…” and continued, “with your real estate experience and that you’ll take a few minutes to tell us about it. After closing, look for an email from – all it takes is a few clicks of your time.” They went out of their way to insure that their agents were equipped with a tool to insure that this important piece of communication was delivered properly.

“Prior to discovering RealSatisfied at RETSO in Atlanta, our company had used a paper mail survey for a number of years,” Boatman shared. “We had achieved acceptable survey returns but desired better. When making the  switch to RealSatisfied we brainstormed ways to get maximum returns and one of the ideas we chose was to give the buyer or seller advanced warning the survey was coming. We want our clients to know we are serious about providing a remarkable real estate experience.  Since the survey comes through email it can be easily overlooked and deleted so we felt an advance piece would give awareness. We have been pleased with the results. Awarding our agents for service also gives them a strong motivation to encourage survey returns from their clients.”

We loved Meybohm’s idea so much, we asked if we could steal it.

They said, “of course.” Thankfully, Meybohm is as serious about improving the real estate industry as they are about their reputation. So, we’ve designed a version that you can download and print out for your own use. It looks like the image included here in the blog post and is available in the following formats; ,doc, .pdf and .jpg.  Just click the links to download the full package, or feel free to use this as inspiration to design your own!

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