RealSatisfied Australia Announces: Say Thank You With a Gift Card Feature

Being thanked makes the heart sing. Those simple words bring value to anyone who has made a thoughtful gesture, and it means even more when it’s exchanged between parties that know, trust and respect each other. Which is why we are excited to announce our newest feature for our Australian customers.

RealSatisfied GiftCard   Say Thank You With A Gift Card 

Thanking customers that take the time to give you feedback is just good business.  Working with our partner, GiftPay Gift Cards, we’ve got you covered with Say Thank You With A Gift Card. Just a few clicks and RealSatisfied makes you shine!

Beginning today, when you receive a survey response, or a survey response and a testimonial from your customers, you’ll have the option to send your customers the amount ($5-$200) and they select the gift card. Instructions for how this works will be included in every survey response you receive.

In addition, agents who wish to go back and thank clients who may have recently provided feedback may do so by repeating the testimonial review process from their Agent Dashboard.

Have you said thank you to your clients for feedback recently?

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