LBAR Removes Agent Rating Fears by Showcasing Success

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The Lexington Bluegrass Association of REALTORS®, is an MLS and Association in Kentucky that provides and invests in its member’s state of the art tools and technology — from websites, to IDX, showing and transaction management tools. Confident in high level consumer satisfaction from its 2400+ members, LBAR decided it was time to unlock the excellence and achievements of its members by adopting a performance evaluation and customer satisfaction platform with RealSatisfied.

Leadership challenges the fear of openly displayed reviews – and wins

At the Lexington Bluegrass Association of REALTORS® (LBAR), the premise of customer feedback, online reviews and ratings — and displaying them for the consumer – has historically been met with skepticism and fear on all sides of the transaction from agents and brokers – their core membership. LBAR was looking for a system that was easy, non-threatening, and allowed their membership to unlock their own successes, while providing a way to syndicate testimonials and ratings to their consumer facing website.

“Providing the space for agents to promote themselves began with our forward facing website – providing the premium tools to collect that information was a win for our members and consumers,” said Larry Freels, 2015 President of LBAR. “The ease of sharing those testimonials to all the different platforms was huge for us.”

Taking action early and quickly gave LBAR members an edge

Finding a solution at just the right time was crucial. Buy-in was critical, but the importance of online reviews was industry wide.  By investing in the long term successes of their members and customer satisfaction, LBAR and their members were getting an early jump on the seamless integration of hundreds to thousands of testimonials and reviews – coming from their members to proudly display. But more than that  – their REALTORS® were listening and learning from their customer’s feedback.

The Benefits

Integrating their MLS RETS feed with RealSatisfied to trigger a customer survey at the close of a transaction accomplished many things:

  • LBAR members had to do very little to send a survey to collect client feedback at the close of a transaction
  • By collecting feedback, not just a testimonial, agents and brokers have a tool to manage their reputation, their brand, and build repeat and referral business
  • Integration on an Assocation scale was as simple as turning on the on switch, giving access through the RETS feed. Adoption by members is high and growing
  • Member favorite features: Using the RealSatisfied Visual Testimonials to display on social media. This creates more engagement

Successful Results

“One of our best stories was letting one of our loudest initial non-supportive brokers, who was very skeptical, know that he had the best reviews of almost anyone in the Association – that was it – once he saw that, the smile turned to support of the best kind, “ said Elaine Manning Hangis, CEO of LBAR.

LBAR continues to grow their adoption rate with their members. But in the end sharing success stories, measuring and valuing agent performance – all amounts to having a place where agents can own their own reviews, their own data, and share it to raise the bar, and build better businesses.

Download the LBAR Case Study below:

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