RealSatisfied 101: Understanding Quarantined Surveys

Quarantined (2)

Oops! You’ve been Quarantined! Never fear, we have you covered. So, let’s break down what it is, and what it’s for.

RealSatisfied has a number of checks and validation processes in place to prevent ‘gaming of the system’ and ensure the integrity of response data for the benefit of all customers. Responses that are identified as having failed one or more of these checks and validations are automatically quarantined. A Quarantine, according to wikipedia“is a medical term for the act of keeping an object in enforced isolation for a period of time to limit or prevent the spread of disease or infection.”

quarantine_screenshot_425And this is exactly what our quarantine process is designed to do. When we detect that a survey response may not be from a reliable source, we keep that response from being included in overall response data until we can determine its authenticity. And to make sure no fake surveys responses get into our system, the test we run return a fair number of “false positives.”

A notification is emailed to the agent who can take action on quarantined survey responses in their dashboard or in the email itself. If an agent’s account is part of a larger broker account, the agent’s office administrator can also see these quarantine alerts in their dashboard and can request action on an agent’s behalf.

Gaming The System

Very few of our clients try to purposefully game our system, but as the saying goes, “show me a customer feedback system and I’ll show you a system people try to ‘game.’ One of the jobs we perform for our clients is to make sure as little gaming takes place as is humanly possible. So, we’ve built a system that captures a lot of these false positives and provides agents with a way to have them reviewed with the click of a “Request Review” button.

We then manually audit every quarantine review request. One of our customer support staff will ask a few questions and then immediately release surveys where appropriate. Our goal is to to make sure every valid response from a client is included in an agent’s ratings data. While we know that it can be frustrating to have a valid client response quarantined, it is the necessary downside of ensuring that the data on our platform is indeed authentic. We take great pride in making sure this is so.

Deleting Quarantined Survey Responses

Many quarantined responses are surveys agents have sent to themselves to test the system. These are always trapped in our quarantine system and will never be released. For this reason, quarantined survey responses are the only survey responses you are allowed to delete from our system.

There is a better way to send yourself a survey. If you have the desire to send yourself a survey, navigate to the home page at and click on the button titled, “Go Ahead, Send A Survey To Yourself.” This will allow you to test the entire survey communication process.



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