Supercharge Your Next Open House with RealSatisfied and Spacio Pro


Cookies. Balloons. A perfectly staged listing. We know the road to building a superior customer experience begins the second your prospects meet you – and your Open House could be that moment.  That’s why we’ve teamed up with the iPad app Spacio Pro to empower your paperless Open House to show what previous clients think about you as your potential clients are viewing your open house. 

Make the first impression even better:

  • Integrate your ratings and testimonials into a customized sign up form on your iPad and the Spacio Pro app
  • Capture and convert your visitors by sharing your successes with past clients

You can sign up for your FREE Spacio Pro account with one click:
Your RealSatisfied Vanity Key will be inserted for you!

(Already have a Spacio Pro account? You’re covered too. Just enter your RealSatisfied Vanity Key in your Spacio Pro profile settings and you’ll be on your way!)

Now that you have your paperless Open House all decked out with your testimonials we’ve added some additional reminders for making your Open House a success. In addition to bringing your paperless sign in with Spacio Pro, and your RealSatisfied testimonials, you should also consider bringing:

  • Listing Data
  • School Reports
  • Home Feature Sheet
  • Neighborhood Info Sheet
  • Costs Sheet
  • App Recommendations
  • Buyer/Seller Packages

Greet your prospects at the door with your iPad. And…

  • Know the Inventory
  • Ask Questions
  • Features/Benefits
  • Obtain Feedback
  • Turn All Lights Off
  • Lock Up

If you would like more info on Spacio Pro,the latest open house lead capture solution on the market available on iPad and web, here are some helpful links:

– You can login from the web here:
– For more information: