Reinventing the Real Estate Broker Sales Meeting with a Customer Centric Twist

Building and nurturing a customer centric culture at a brokerage at it’s core – functions to fulfill certain needs not just at a sales level, but a community, personal and brand level. Your customers, and their happiness and satisfaction drive word of mouth referrals, brand positioning in the marketplace – and in turn provide a pipeline of leads and business to your agents. Often, in the shifting focus of technology, adoption of better systems, and internet lead generating growth strategies – current and past customers often end up in nowhere-land, or the database of the unknown.

Customer Satisfaction

Real estate customer satisfaction can be met in so many different ways in the digital landscape, there is an unmet opportunity to build your culture, capture and empower the best of your agents and the relationships that drive the sales engine.

So, for 2016, you might be be looking for new ideas and ways to create, enhance, or build more into your customer centric brokerage. Let’s start with one way, and one place that traditionally is met to inform and inspire agents: the weekly/monthly sales meeting. A few ideas and some strategies can lead to a deeper, longer and more active growth funnel. Meetings should be light, fun and informative – but focused and productive!

1. Make customer satisfaction a part of your values and bring them to every office meeting

Your office may already be practicing your philosophy of being customer centric by hanging a few signs of Vision and Core Values on the office walls for reminders. In your next meeting give everyone a chance to speak to their “big wins” in customer service – whether its for the month or the week. Let your agents and staff members articulate examples in their transactions, their relationships with clients or vendors where their customers were delighted, ecstatic- even sharing recent online testimonials and reviews are big wins. By sharing examples of where vision meets culture, meets customer happiness, your meetings are a great place to bring a higher awareness to it.

2. Prepare the team and agents for exceptional social customer service

Whether you have an active Facebook Page, Yelp Page, or Google Reviews – Take a moment to review any new customer service questions, comments and conversation. Meetings are a great place to provide transparency and show your active support for brand and reputation management. Being where your customers are also provides great insights into how your customers are engaging with your brand. Get everyone involved in humanizing your brand by engaging with your agents and their customers. Performance accountability is best in an open forum- especially when it’s your own!

3. Diagnose any recent failures in customer satisfaction and ways to improve

This can be tough – BUT if there have been any MILD, generic customer issues and you have ways to improve them… bring them to the table. Make sure everyone knows the proper systems and course of action to take on anything that might pop up, and the proper way to handle anything on agents or staff personal pages. If you have found an area where you can be stronger as a broker- offer up that info to your agents – it shows your vision and provides realistic motivation and dialogue.

4. Examine the “Factors of Influence” that provided the most customer satisfaction

In our RealSatisfied Buyer/Seller Surveys we measure the factors of influence that drove a customer to choose their agent – and sometimes those results are surprising. But it does provide amazing insight into the individual value propositions that customers are seeking, online and offline. Online marketing, ads, staging and host of other various influencers are great topics to elaborate on at meetings. Are there trends that are popping up? Are there more Millennials, or other target consumers emerging? Are social media referrals outranking your online lead sources? This data only helps to empower agents to make the best decisions regarding their own brand marketing, listing marketing and buyer lead generation. Sending out feedback surveys of any kind are a great way to get that valuable feedback. Meetings are a great place to review them.

5. Brainstorm ways to sell stale listings and inventory

Let’s face it. Sometimes the market throws you for a loop. Or a special listing can have very special challenges.  If there is inventory that isn’t moving or needs fresh eyes – take the time to get a quick brainstorm on problem solving and a new strategy. Everyone should feel like there is room for learning, improving or additional support.

6. Reward your agents for outstanding customer service and satisfaction

This is often a traditional sales reward- meeting a quota, reaching the top 10 for the month. But with some agents – sales performance isn’t necessarily the end all be all of what makes them successful. Providing recognition for agents who focus on their own performance to strive for amazing customer satisfaction, brings the culture back around to being a a service inspired company. Maybe you highlight agent profiles and success stories on your website, or acknowledge new awesome customer reviews – it’s always a good idea to continue to inspire those in your office who not only bring numbers to the bottom line- but are given rewards for customer satisfaction. What impact could that have on your brokerage?

Some additional ideas:

If you are a broker that is not currently engaging with customers and your agents in social media, now is the time. Brand and reputation management often happens FIRST in the digital world we live in. Your agents and their clients are a living, breathing, real time story of your brand. Your Social Broker Dashboard is a great way to see how your agents are active on social media – and provides a great way to stay involved.

What are some other ideas that inspire your office sales meetings? Let us know! 

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