RealSatisfied Heightens Customer AND Agent Satisfaction for Real Estate Industry Leader Elizabeth Mendenhall



As a REALTOR® & busy broker of 3 RE/MAX offices and 210 agents, Elizabeth Mendenhall needed a customer satisfaction system that allowed her agents and her offices to be found in as many places as possible through their stellar ratings and reviews. RealSatisfied fit the bill in more ways than one.

Customer Happiness Should – And Now Can – Be Found Everywhere

A few years ago, Elizabeth Mendenhall, the CEO of RE/MAX Boone Realty in Missouri knew that ratings and reviews would become mainstream for the real estate industry. With consumers being on review sites, and on search portals, the challenge was finding a platform that allowed her to not only collect reviews, but also place those reviews and testimonials in as many places as possible.

“Having additional sources and places to display ratings that are found online is a best practice for agents.” said Elizabeth. “The only way to counter point any argument otherwise – is to just have more of it”.

RealSatisfied made it easy to manage the collection and review syndication process with the integrations both with her transaction management system, BrokerWOLF, (which automatically triggers the sending of surveys at the close of a transaction) AND syndicates all new ratings and testimonials to and through social media.

The result: One integrated system that works automatically. “The BEST part about RealSatisfied is that I have added a system that does all the work for me, and was so easy to adopt.”

Yes, 210 Delighted Agents

Agents are challenged when it comes to asking for feedback – it’s often awkward in conversation and it’s a multi-step, arduous process for clients to add reviews on so many sites. RealSatisfied made the process intuitive for agents, and easier for RE/MAX Boone Realty clients. Agents are often surprised at the results, and the ease at which clients gladly give feedback.

It’s one thing to have delighted clients, but having delighted agents using a newly adopted technology with ease is almost just as good!

Agents Find New Excitement with Increased Referrals

Once RealSatisfied was launched in her three offices, a new excitement from her agents started to emerge: more referrals through social media. With the RealSatisfied “Visual Testimonials” agents found it easy to share their latest success stories with their clients on social media which increased engagement from agent’s spheres.

ReMax Boone Realty Testimonial

“We often use contests at our office to get agents excited about leveraging referrals to get new business, and we have featured RealSatisfied at our NextGen Meetings to keep up the engagement and use.” said Elizabeth. “ It’s quickly become our favorite features of RealSatisfied.”

Building long term success in a real estate company depends on the strength of its brand. A busy broker’s challenge is to keep agent performance standards and retention numbers high, while measuring the impact on clients and the consumer. Managing all of this in a seamless, integrated, and intuitive solution keeps the consumer’s wants and needs at its core – and growth and improvement with its agents. Leveraging RealSatisfied was the perfect solution for one of the industry’s best leaders.

RealSatisfied: Easy, Integrated & Automated.


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