Use Zillow, Yelp, or Google? Introducing “Encourage Reviews” for Real Estate – Only from RealSatisfied

We’ve just made it easier for you to encourage reviews on Zillow, Yelp, Facebook and Google+

One of the hallmarks of the RealSatisfied service is our syndication – The ability of our users to automatically publish their testimonials and reviews where they matter most. Many other real estate platforms aren’t open to receiving our customer’s customer reviews and testimonials through syndication. They direct consumers to place their testimonials directly under various agent profiles across the web. This creates a cumbersome, multi-step process for both our users and their clients. But not anymore!

 Many of our clients have asked that we try to make this process easier, and today we are announcing a way to systematically encourage your best clients to take the extra step of placing a rating and testimonial on Facebook Reviews, Zillow, Google+ or Yelp. We’re calling this process, “Encourage Reviews.”

Encourage Your Clients to to Share Their Real Estate Reviews From One Place

By connecting Encourage Reviews to the accounts on the platforms you value, you will enable:

  1. A landing page that will encourage your clients to copy/paste their already existing testimonial and navigate to your review page on the platforms you connect.
  2. Once there, they can complete the secondary process, rate your performance and and paste in the testimonial.

There will be a unique page for every survey response that includes a testimonial – and the link to that page can be used inside an email from your own email account, OR it will be automatically embedded in emails sent via our “Say Thanks With A Coffee” program.

Once you enable any of the four options, a new “Encourage Reviews” filter will appear for your surveys in your RealSatisfied dashboard. In addition, a new “Encourage Reviews” button will become available on any survey with a testimonial.

Here is a quick video to show you how this will work.

Whether you use, Zillow, Yelp, Google+, or Facebook Reviews, we believe in providing options to you to make it simpler for your clients and you to tell your story in as many places as possible. We kind of dig that.

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