Appearing Now In Cloud CMA – Your Testimonials

Software company, W&R Studios, announced today that their flagship product, Cloud CMA, will now include agent ratings and reviews from two top sites, including RealSatisfied. 

“RealSatisfied is quickly becoming the go-to source for agent reviews in MLS systems and real estate franchises nationwide,” a W&R Studios press release points out. “Their platform allows agents to collect client testimonials and send performance surveys. This process allows for honest client and agent communication in an effort to identify areas of agent improvement and streamline real estate transactions.”

CCloudCMAloud CMA is a robust reporting tool that offers Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) reports, Property reports, Buyer Tours, and flyers for real estate agents. Cloud CMA uses MLS data to create reports that are attractive to the consumer and integrates with data from other popular sites to deliver a comprehensive experience for agents and consumers. Now with agent reviews and ratings from these two popular sites, consumers will have the opportunity gain a complete understanding of the type of agent they are working with.

“Our clients are always looking for ways to leverage the written recommendations we collect as a byproduct of our customer satisfaction surveys,” says Jeff Turner, President of RealSatisfied. “Many of them indicated a desire to have their recommendations automatically syndicate to CloudCMA and part of property reports. We’re excited to see this come to fruition. It simply makes the agent’s job easier.”

To Enable Automatic Syndication Between RealSatisfied and CloudCMA, follow these simple instructions. 

  1. Login to your Cloud CMA account.
  2. Click on the Setting link (top right of page)
  3. Click on the API link (in the black navigation toolbar)
  4. Under Services enter your RealSatisfeid Vanity Key 
  5. Click on the “Update Services” button.

RealSatisfied Setup-1

“We decided to offer agent ratings and reviews from RealSatisfied and Zillow to further deliver our Cloud CMA users with the tools they need to turn more prospects into clients. Reviews and ratings from these two sites are highly regarded and trusted by consumers and will bring credibility to our users,” stated Greg Robertson, CEO and co-founder of W&R Studios.

Connecting With Your Agents – Introducing A Social Dashboard For Brokers

At its best, social media is about making deeper connections with other human beings. At their best, Facebook and Twitter improve the quality of our relationships. We’d like to think our latest feature at RealSatisfied, the social dashboard for brokers, has connection and improving the quality of relationships as its chief benefit.

Last year, as part of our own customer satisfaction survey, we asked our clients if they’d like to see their testimonials turned into graphics for sharing on social media. The answer was yes and the visual testimonial was born. Agents immediately began using the new feature to share their testimonials to Facebook and Twitter and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. We know that these posts are getting traction. However, we knew more could be done to insure these shares were receiving the greatest benefit.

Almost since their launch, we’ve been thinking about providing brokers with a way to see all of the visual testimonials posted to social media by their agents. The obvious benefit of providing this tool would be to create the opportunity for agents and brokers to connect on social media around agent successes. This improves the quality of those relationships, surely, but it also sends other subtle social signals.

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 9.30.22 AM

Take for example the Facebook post illustrated above, shared by Betsy Hurst-Younger. Betsy did a number of things right here, first and foremost, delivering exceptional service to her clients, and one of those things was sharing this to Facebook in a way that engaged her network. At the time of this writing, 69 people had liked the testimonial, it had 19 comments and 3 shares, including one by us. Read the testimonial and then read through the comments. You can see that this post captured the attention of her social sphere and almost certainly energized Betsy.

If her broker wasn’t participating in this thread, they would be missing a great opportunity to connect with Betsy. That’s obvious to me. In this case, Betsy’s broker, Kimberly Darr, was engaged and even used it as a teaching tool in their office meeting. And this highlights the more subtle opportunity available to brokers willing to engage is about retention, recruitment and consumer awareness. The retention part is closely tied to the relationship part. Strengthen your relationship with your agents and you have a better chance of keeping them. But we all know that other real estate agents pay as much, or more, attention to these posts than the consumer does. So a broker who is willing to engage is sending a very subtle message to others about how they manage and the value they bring to the relationship. I think it’s powerful. And finally, the consumer gets a peak behind the real estate curtain that shines a human light on professional relationships.

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 9.47.20 AM

The social dashboard for brokers is available now on the front page of every office admin account on RealSatisfied. And when you click on the “see more social activity for your office” link, it opens to show the last 50 social posts by the agents in that office. This link is a public link brokers can bookmark, or share with others in their office who might want to amplify the social messages of their agents. It’s a simple way to connect with your agents around their successes and to amplify their social efforts.

At it’s best, social media is about making deeper connections with other human beings. We built the social media dashboard for brokers with that thought in mind. We hope you use it to create deeper connections with your agents.

Communicate In Advance To Improve Survey Response Rates

NOTIFY CLIENTS A SURVEY IS COMINGOn average, just over 50% of people who receive a RealSatisfied customer satisfaction survey complete and return that survey. We’re pretty proud of that number, and we’re also aware that with any average, there are clients who fall below it and clients who sit firmly above it. There are some key characteristics that separate those two camps. One of them is that those who are getting higher than the average response rates all have one thing in common… they do a great job of communicating with their clients to inform them that a RealSatisfied customer satisfaction survey is coming their way.

One of our clients who is getting well above average response rates is Meybohm REALTORS® in Augusta, Georgia. Meybohm’s top three performing offices hover near a 60% survey return rate and over 70% testimonial return rate. Those numbers are simply stellar. Meybohm’s management team has done a superior job of insuring that their agents have the tools necessary to communicate properly with their clients. And the agents with the best results do it consistently.

When I met with Bill Boatman, Meybohm President,  and his team in Atlanta recently, they shared a printed flyer they produced that was included in listing and closing presentations. It was titled, “We are serious about our reputation! We hope you are RealSatisfied…” and continued, “with your real estate experience and that you’ll take a few minutes to tell us about it. After closing, look for an email from – all it takes is a few clicks of your time.” They went out of their way to insure that their agents were equipped with a tool to insure that this important piece of communication was delivered properly.

“Prior to discovering RealSatisfied at RETSO in Atlanta, our company had used a paper mail survey for a number of years,” Boatman shared. “We had achieved acceptable survey returns but desired better. When making the  switch to RealSatisfied we brainstormed ways to get maximum returns and one of the ideas we chose was to give the buyer or seller advanced warning the survey was coming. We want our clients to know we are serious about providing a remarkable real estate experience.  Since the survey comes through email it can be easily overlooked and deleted so we felt an advance piece would give awareness. We have been pleased with the results. Awarding our agents for service also gives them a strong motivation to encourage survey returns from their clients.”

We loved Meybohm’s idea so much, we asked if we could steal it.

They said, “of course.” Thankfully, Meybohm is as serious about improving the real estate industry as they are about their reputation. So, we’ve designed a version that you can download and print out for your own use. It looks like the image included here in the blog post and is available in the following formats; ,doc, .pdf and .jpg.  Just click the links to download the full package, or feel free to use this as inspiration to design your own!

North America: Download The Full Package

Australia: Download The Full Package 

Say Thank You With A Coffee

40percentdontthankIn early March, we sent a survey to our real estate clients inviting them to provide feedback on our performance and to ask their opinion about several potential new service offerings. As a result of their feedback, we quickly built and launched new services that were completely within our control, like visual testimonials.

One of the things we learned in the survey is that more than 40% of the survey respondents did not thank their clients for filling out a customer satisfaction survey. Given the level of detail we collect, we found that a bit high. As a followup question, we asked our clients if providing an option to send a gift card as a thank you would be a good idea.

55% of respondents liked the idea of a gift card as thank you for a survey response.

We believe this number may have actually been higher. In looking at the comments, a large percentage of those who did not like this option answered the question on the assumption that the gift was an incentive offered as part of the survey invitation. They answered the question in a way that indicated that they thought we might be attempting to entice a response. This was not the case. We were asking about making it easier and more meaningful to say, “thank you” after a response was already received.  So we took this as a clear indication that we should build a system to make it easier for our clients to say, “Thank you.”

Coffee is Served!

Say thanks with a coffee!

Sample email to a customer to say thanks with a coffee

Working with our partner, Tango Card, we have now secured permission from Starbucks® to offer a new program – Say Thank You With A Coffee. Beginning today, when you receive a survey response, or a survey response and a testimonial from your customers, you’ll have the option to send your customers a Starbucks® gift card as a thank you for taking the time to provide you feedback. Instructions for how this works will be included in every survey response you receive.

In addition, agents who wish to go back and thank clients who may have recently provided feedback may do so by going through the testimonial approval process again in their agent dashboard. To do this, simply select the response you wish to send a thank you for, click on review and follow the steps to send your gift card (the option to say thank with a coffee appears at the of the process). The gift card will be sent via email from you via RealSatisfied. We will provide a suggested message, but you will have the ability to customize that message in any way you see fit.

We are excited to bring this options to our clients and look forward to seeing the response!

Note: Say thanks with a coffee is initially available in the United States and Canada and all billing currently is USD only. We are exploring options for other markets, please stay tuned!

Starbucks Disclaimer: The Starbucks word mark and the Starbucks Logo are trademarks of Starbucks Corporation. Starbucks is also the owner of the Copyrights in the Starbucks Logo and the Starbucks Card designs. All rights reserved. Starbucks is not a participating partner or sponsor in this offer.

Posting RealSatisfied Verified Testimonials to Trulia

The number one question asked in our help desk is, “can I syndicate my testimonials to Zillow and Trulia like I can to” Frankly, no other question comes close.

We would be happy to syndicate the recommendations we gather to Trulia and Zillow, and as well as any other site our clients find valuable to have their testimonials seen by consumers. We have pursued working with every portal, just as we did with was a willing partner from the moment the idea was presented. Ernie Graham and his team were able to do the technical aspects of the integration easily, because we use RSS as the basis for our syndication. There are no barriers to anyone accepting syndication from us. Since we can validate that RealSatisfied recommendations are coming  from real clients of the agents who use our system, there are no issues with data integrity.

Unfortunately, Zillow does not allow syndication from any source, to our knowledge, and despite our attempts to communicate with them about this at various levels of their organization, our attempts have failed. In addition, Zillow does not provide a way to add already received testimonials. Trulia also does not allow anyone to syndicate recommendations to their site, but they have provided a very simple way of adding testimonials you have received from your clients. And while we see Trulia’s “Add” Recommendations options  as being wide open for abuse, we want our clients to know it exists, and to use it knowing that the integrity of what they are providing is not compromised by the process.

The video embedded after these instructions will illustrate exactly how to do this, but the steps are really very simple.

  • First, copy your recommendation from your profile page at RealSatisfied. You will not have to login to do this.
  • Then, login to and click on the “Get Recommendations” link on the left hand side of the page. You will then be taken to a page that allows you to request recommendations from your clients. Do not use that form! Instead, click on the “add” tab and paste your RealSatisfied Verified recommendation into the testimonial field, add your client’s name, email address and choose their relationship and click “Request Verification.”
  • Your client will then be sent an email from Trulia and they will simply need to click on the link in the email to validate that they did indeed provide you with the recommendation. They will NOT be required to login to Trulia or set up a Trulia account.

As you can see, this is a painless way to get your RealSatisfied Verified Testimonials on to Trulia. It’s certainly worth the 90 second investment. As for Zillow, and others…. we’ll keep working on integration. We’re ready when they are.