Helping you Make the Most of What You Already Have

When considering the best month in the year for you to survey your clients perhaps this can help?

For some, surveying all of your landlords can appear a fairly daunting task! Let alone the tennants!

Emily had some great tips in the article Make the Most of What You Already Have

Paper based, phone based, even using a generic survey tool – how do you compile the results? how do you analyse? and most importantly how do you identify isuues that need to be followed up?

RealSatisfied can make this task incredibly simple and help you focus on the results, helping you retain current landlords and grow through recommendation and referral.

With over 80 reports available in realtime, RealSatisfied takes the hard work out of the process and keeps it simple and straightforward. You can be up and running using our suite of professional surveys in just minutes!

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