Referral Madness

Customer retention is key to generating referrals and referrals are a key component of growth in real estate.  This easy tip will help you grow.

You are in the Real Estate Referral Business

I don’t need to tell you that happy customers tell friends and family about your amazing real estate skills and great attitude.  You also know that if they have a negative perception, upset customers are 7x more likely to drag your name and brand into the mud.  Right or wrong, people really like to complain. Frequently these days, upset customers do so in social media. A negative social media blast from an upset client can close more doors than there are in the downtown Hilton.

We Talk the Talk

RealSatisfied helps you reach out to those upset customers and calm the situation immediately after a tough close.  This allows upset sellers or buyers to vent directly to you rather than online.  Customers provide the real reasons for frustrations to a 3rd party like RealSatisfied – giving you an opportunity to make lemonade out of lemons.

Reaching out to home buyers and sellers for feedback lets them know you are listening.  This makes clients happy.  Happy customers are way more likely to refer more business.

RealSatisfied Referrals

Get RealSatisfied Free with the easy built in Referral tool under Admin.

We Walk the Walk

Turns out, we are in the referral business as well.  Brokers and agents love RealSatisfied and want to share it with colleagues, so we built a cool referral system that credits you $9.95 (one free month) for each referral that signs up for RealSatisfied!  Free RealSatisfied for life?  Its for the taking!

RealSatisfied will help you get testimonials, referrals and more happy customers.

Check out our one min video to learn more about RealSatisfied.

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