Visual Testimonials have gone FULL colour!

Color or Colour?

Wherever you are from and however you spell it, you’ll love this!

From the first moment we released our Visual Testimonials, we’ve had great feedback from agents. One question that keeps on rising to the surface though is… “Can we have it in another color?

To date we’ve stuck with the Henry Ford approach… “You can have any colour, as long as it’s black green“.

We noticed that people’s Twitter and Facebook streams were looking a little too green. So this week we gave the process another look and we liked what we saw.

Introducing Visual Testimonials – now with a choice of colors.

Visual Testimonials, now in full color!

You’ll be tickled pink, or at least yellow, red, blue, orange, grey or purple!

Below your Visual Testimonial, just click on the color that you want to see and it will automagically appear before your eyes – there’s 6 new colors to choose from.

Visual Testimonials: How To

Selecting your color to publish is easy – just click on one of the dots.

There’s no limit to the number of times you can publish a Visual Testimonial, so why not sign in to your Agent Dashboard right now and take this for a spin with one of the Recommendations you have already received!

We love it! we hope you do too!