Introducing New Detailed Ratings and New Agent Profile Pages

We are excited to announce that starting Feb 17, 2016 your RealSatisfied Agent Profile pages will have an exciting new look and important new features! The first thing you’ll notice is…

Our New Look: The design of the RealSatisfied Agent Profile page has not changed since we launched them in 2012. We are the first to admit they were beginning to look a bit… “dated.” The new design is fresh, clean and will grow with us as we grow and add new features.

Detailed Ratings Feature: We are also excited to announce our newest feature: Detailed Ratings. When turned on, they give greater transparency to survey results for each transaction. The change is being made to enable new ways to syndicate and provide our clients with more options when syndicating. More on that to come!

What’s New:


Example of new profile page with detailed ratings using stars


New Individual Survey Ratings with Testimonials

Up until this point, only testimonials from individual surveys could be displayed on RealSatisfied or any place we syndicate to. Beginning Feb. 17, 2016, you will be able to turn on “detailed ratings” and all of your transaction results will appear for that Survey response.

Satisfaction, Performance, and Recommendation Ratings for all returned surveys will be able to be shown publicly

Comments from surveys will NEVER be displayed, but even surveys that do not contain a testimonial will show a rating. As always, the choice to make these details public will reside with the agent. They can choose how they want their results displayed.

Are you ready to get started? 

How to Enable “Detailed Ratings” On Your Agent Profile Page

(For existing accounts with ratings available, this feature will need to be enabled. For all new accounts or those without ratings, this feature will be the new default.) Soon, new RSS Feeds and widgets will be available as well. Once live, you will be able to display the same level of detail on your own site and other third party sites as well.

We hope you enjoy your new Agent Profile Page and the new Detailed Ratings option! We are always excited to bring fun and functional changes to our platform.

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