RealSatisfied Syncs New Real Estate Integrations with Altos Research and ToolKit CMA

We are at it again!

The ability to easily share your real estate ratings and testimonials to places where potential clients might benefit is one of the most appreciated aspects of our service at RealSatisfied. We go out of our way to insure our users are able to easily integrate and openly display their customer testimonials anywhere prospective buyers and sellers to need validate their customer service.

We accomplish this by providing every user a unique RSS feed that can be easily connected through a variety of included integrations, partnerships, and tools. There are no barriers. The only thing we need is a willing integration partner.

Today, we’re excited to announce two new integration partnerships with RealSatisfied – ToolKitCMA by Realty Tools and on Weekly Market Reports from Altos Research.

Why are testimonials important in real estate marketing? Because those relationships should always lead new referrals and prospects right back to you. Placing testimonials in marketing materials that provide high ROI, convert leads, and create targeted conversations with prospective clients, provides further validation and social proof of the word of mouth marketing from previous happy and satisfied clients. We’re excited to now provide these options to our users – and more are coming, so stay tuned. Below are some details about the integration partners we are very excited to have in our RealSatisfied family. If you are interested in learning more our integrations partners, visit our new Learning Center.

ToolKit CMA

Your branded marketing proposals – created easily and quickly with ToolkitCMA – present your qualifications and services, as well as the property data and photos, in an attractive, compelling, and uniform style. Your prospects will absolutely and positively be impressed – ToolkitCMA has a proven track record of getting results!

Altos Research

Founded in 2006, Altos Research is the premier resource for real time real estate market data. Every week Altos monitors 100 million residential properties across the US, tracks everything for sale and everything for rent, and compiles the data into a compelling, easy-to-use system used by thousands of financial institutions, investors, and real estate professionals every day.
Altos Research statistics and insights are frequently featured in national media such as NPR, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, and Bloomberg TV, as well as local news outlets across the country. Thank you to Ines Hegedus Garcia of in Miami, Florida for allowing us to show her off a little 🙂

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